About This Site

This site has several goals, but in order to accomplish them, some conditions must constantly be met, namely:

  1. I currently attend a different church in Eau Claire than the one mentioned on this site. I do not represent that church. I am, however, on stage frequently as a musician, and I am aware that may confuse people as to my involvement. So let me reiterate, I do NOT represent that church, I am NOT on staff at that church, and let me add that the church and its leadership may or may not share the same opinions expressed here on this site. I am NOT endorsed by that church, and they do NOT necessarily approve of, or agree with, the content posted here.
  2. When appropriate, identities of correspondents to this site will be protected. Contributing author identities will always be verified by myself, but if they wish to remain anonymous, they will be given a character name that will serve as their identity on this site.

With those conditions out of the way, let me now introduce the purpose of this website.

In February of 2015, an enormous exodus took place from a church in downtown Eau Claire. I used to be a staff member of that church. It is considered by many, inside and outside of its membership, to be a cult. Previously on a personal blog, I ran a series of posts sharing stories from my time in this cult. I titled that series Tales from the Cult, later renamed Tales from the Org to be less inflammatory. The goal of those posts was to tell my part of the story, but also to expose some corruption within the leadership.

That goal has been met. The corruption has been exposed in a public report in a public meeting. The pastor in charge has fled the state. Since the public announcements, I stopped hiding the name of “The Cult / The Org”: it was Valleybrook Church, and it absolutely was a cult.

Why, then, does this site exist? Following is the mission of this website:

  1. To preserve the documents and other media that are relevant to the spiritually abusive events that took place at Valleybrook Church.
  2. To create a public website for anyone in the world to have unlimited access to information about several dangerous individuals, namely the former lead pastor Doug Lebsack, and former executive pastor Mary Clark.
  3. To assist in bringing justice to the abusive, and healing by clarification to the abused.

Names of abusive leaders will not be protected. It is my hope that with enough web presence, a Google search will highlight the names of these individuals in an effort to prevent abuse from happening elsewhere. However, I will seek to make sure that repentant hearts are protected, and that it is made abundantly clear who did what.

I would finally like to point out that this is not an anti-Valleybrook site, although at first glance it certainly looks like one. No, this site is dedicated only to preserving information. Valleybrook is trying to rebuild itself in a healthy way, and they are doing a fine job of that. Consider this, then, a history book of a time not long gone, and a warning to any organization that employs or affiliates with the former lead pastor of the church.

Please refer your friends and family to this site if you find it useful or informative. In order to accomplish the goals of this site, a strong web presence is required. Please link to this site on your own sites if you are willing, please share links to stories and media on Facebook. If you prefer not to share links and just want to read, thank you very much for reading, and I hope it brings some clarity to a very confusing and wounding situation.