The Leader-Telegram Articles

Updated: A second article ran the following week, profiling morality and how things were allowed to happen at Valleybrook.

A few weeks ago, right after this website got off the ground, I was asked by Jody Hagedorn (Nate’s mother) if I would be interested in talking to a reporter from the Leader Telegram who was putting together a story on what had happened at Valleybrook. She wanted people to know what transpired, and what happened to her son. Shortly after agreeing, Eric Lindquist called me from the Leader Telegram and we started talking. Over the next couple of weeks, Eric and I emailed back and forth, with the occasional phone call, to clarify some things he had heard from other interviewees, or to see if I had a document or audio recording in my archives that I hadn’t yet posted.

This past Sunday, the article finally came out. And it wasn’t just one article – it was two! And it wasn’t just two articles – there was a video as well!

If you haven’t gotten a chance to read them yet, here are the links to each piece of media. Fear not! You can view up to 7 articles for free before they’ll ask you to buy an online subscription.

The Article About Valleybrook
The Article About Nate Hagedorn and His Parents
The Second Article About Valleybrook

Update: Added a second Leader-Telegram article that ran a week later, along with an update description in the header.