The Knitting

Left: Nate Hagedorn Right: Doug Lebsack

Left: Nate Hagedorn
Right: Doug Lebsack

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This message was originally delivered to the Valleybrook congregation on August 11, 2013 with a joint teaching from Doug and Nate. In it, Doug talks about hearing commands from God, and then telling Nate what God told him. They both go back and forth about this on stage for awhile, saying things like, “Seriously? Nate Hagedorn? I mean could it please be Grant Schultz?”

As of this moment in 2013, Doug and Nate were essentially one person. They shared an office. They shared an email account. They did Sunday messages together. And in one particularly disturbing quote from Nate, “Doug is the last person I see at night and the first person I see in the morning.”

Keep in mind, these men both have wives of their own…yet somehow have a deeper connection than that?

I’d like to clear up some rumors that I know are circulating:

  1. YES Doug Lebsack has legally adopted Nate Hagedorn and his family.
  2. YES Nate’s last name will legally be Lebsack.
  3. NO There is no evidence of homosexual behavior here.
  4. YES Nate moved to Grapevine, Texas with Doug.
  5. NO Neither of their families, outside of their wives and kids, moved with them.

Here is the audio from that Sunday teaching. I have set this up in a way that you should be able to make comments at specific points in the audio, should you hear something “interesting” and would like to make a note of it. These comments will be public. You may need a Soundcloud account to comment on the audio, but you can listen for free right here:

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