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I was publicly mum about the topic of Valleybrook ever since my exile. Behind closed doors I talked about it a lot with friends and family, but not so much to anyone else. I just didn’t care enough to do anything.

That changed when Chosen was published.

This is, quite frankly, the most horrific bunch of lies I’ve ever laid eyes on. There is a place for a well-thought, line-by-line rebuttal against the paper, but this article certainly isn’t it…and quite honestly this author isn’t qualified to do so.

What I would like you to do is have a bible open next to you when you read it, if you decide to do so. When Doug cites passages, go read them, and read their context, because they’re taken far out of it.

The Chosen paper can be downloaded here as a PDF, and is also available on the Media page.

Additionally, there is a cover letter that was sent to select members of leadership at Valleybrook. One such leader, who I’ll call Badger, was kind enough to forward me their copy. You can download it here as a PDF, and it is available on the Media page.

Many people in and outside of the Valleybrook community found this paper to be disturbing, and had a lot of questions. So, Doug and Nate got up on stage on a Thursday night in February and tried to defend a defenseless paper.

The audio for the Thursday night meeting will be available later today.

The paper and the audio is no longer available from Valleybrook’s website, and that’s exactly the point of this one: to preserve what ought not be deleted, to hold accountable the individuals responsible.

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