Winners and Losers

Tales from the Cult is a website dedicated to preserving important artifacts from a church in Eau Claire where horrific spiritual abuse took place over several years. If you haven’t read the About This Site page, please do so before reading any article here.

Welcome to Tales from the Cult. I’ve launched this site to preserve important media surrounding a cult that was led by a charismatic, manipulative dictator until 2015 in Eau Claire.

This site hopes to archive the entire story of what happened in Eau Claire, so that it might not happen elsewhere.

Before diving into all of that, which will be ongoing for as long as necessary, there’s one really important thing that everyone needs to realize:

If you’re familiar with this horrific saga, ask yourself: now that Converge1 has done its thing, who won? Who came out on top? Because I personally have been accused of gloating and being a sore winner.

Let me tell you some truth here: there is not one single person who won here. This was one gigantic loss2. There are no winners here.

My original goals when I wrote the short series of Tales from the Cult were to expose the corruption in the leadership and be a catalyst for change within the church I once loved and called home. Those goals have been accomplished, but certainly not by me, or at the most not by me alone.

So let’s ask ourselves again about winners and losers. For example’s sake, I’ll start:

  • One of my very best friends in the world, Nate Hagedorn, has left Eau Claire and moved to Texas with his wife and four kids. I’ve lost a best friend.
  • I’ve been clinically diagnosed with a form of PTSD because of the events surrounding my firing from Valleybrook. I’ve lost some of my mental faculties.
  • There are a lot of people at Valleybrook who still haven’t seen the perversion of the former lead pastor. Many of these people won’t talk to me or other ex-Valleybrookers because we’re “full of the spirit of deception” or something like that. I’ve lost many relationships with people I was once very close with.

The only thing I’ve won is a wonderful, welcoming church that has so far been exactly what I needed for a church: a supporting community, a scholarly pastor, and a wonderful worship team.

What have you lost? What have you won? Because all I see is a lot of devastated, hurt, and confused people because of the ego of one man and the destruction left in his wake.

I aim to make sure he’s never given that opportunity again.

Coming Soon

  • The full PDF of the Chosen paper originally published in 2015 along with the cover letter sent to the Overseers
  • The full audio of the Thursday Night teaching related to Chosen.
  • The full audio of when Doug Lebsack spiritually abused another staff member and “Knitted” himself to the other.

Hopefully Coming Soon

  • Stories from others who have been hurt by Doug Lebsack and wish their stories to be heard3
  • More media that is brought to my attention as “should be preserved.”

Thank you for reading. By sharing links on this site, you can help increase the likelihood that someone Googling “Doug Lebsack” will see the evidence of his dark and corrupted past, and hopefully prevent him from doing this to the church he relocated to in Grapevine, Texas.

Tales from the Cult is a free effort to bring stories of abuse into the light so they may be prevented from happening again. There is not now, and will never be, a fee to access this site. Thank you for reading, and please remember to share posts you find interesting to increase our web presence.

  1. You’ll hear all about Converge later! 
  2. That’s not to nullify any of the good works started in people who were involved in this situation. Lots of people found God for the first time. The real God, not Doug’s God. 
  3. These will be written by their respective owners, should they wish to participate. I do not want to tell other people’s stories.