What Happened in Eau Claire

Tales from the Cult is a website dedicated to preserving important artifacts from a church in Eau Claire where horrific spiritual abuse took place over several years. If you haven’t read the About This Site page, please do so before reading any article here.

Attached here is the report that Converge1 wrote about Valleybrook Church, following two days of intensive interviews with anyone who had a story to share relevant to Valleybrook Church.

I would like to briefly give my take on this report before I share the link…and I really mean briefly:

They nailed it. Those of us who have been out of the church for awhile have been seeing and saying these things for years, and now it’s public information. And they didn’t miss a thing.

Without further ado, here’s a PDF of the Valleybrook Church Report. This report will also be made available under “Media” in the site menu2.

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  1. Again, more on Converge later. But if you’re curious, it’s like Valleybrook’s denomination’s HQ. Kind of. Valleybrook was/is affiliated through Great Lakes Baptist Conference, which was renamed to Converge. 
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